In every issue of the mag this volume you’ll find an out-of-context quote. We’re calling it Quote This and the first one comes from Mr. Justin Meyer. He spent last winter filming the Videograss movie. From what he tells us it was a long strange trip. There were lots of antics, some international travel and, most importantly some heavy snowboarding. Here’s the Q&A with J boy.

That’s Justin Meyer.

Hey, you gotta minute to do a quick interview about Videograss?
Yes sir.

Cool, so I guess first off, what’s the name all about, what’s it mean?
The name is just random I guess.

Who came up with it? Can’t be totally random, has to have some meaning right?

Nima came up with it one night when he was high on chocolate when he eats chocolate it makes him high no joke

So how would you interpret the name, what kinda meaning do you think it has, or took on during the season?
Oh man I donno, I haven’t though of interpreting the name. I guess one could say our crew is like grass?

How so?
Growing all over the place. You gotta take care of the lawn ya know. Keep that shit fresh and green.  I donno…(laughs).

No, that’s good. Green like a Cyprus Hill concert or what?
Not that kind of green. Well… maybe some of the crew

B Shaw

So who on the crew did really good? Who are the stand outs, rattle 'em off?
Everyone did really well this year. Louie, Larry, Darrell, Ben, Nick, Alex, Biittner, Jake OE, Jonas…everyone did pretty well. They all have such unique personalities ya know. And everyone came through.

Let's hear the craziest story from the winter? What’s something weird that happened?
Um…let's see…we were posted up in Canada for about 3 weeks in a shitty hotel room. We took the beds apart to have 3, like top mattress in the middle style. First night there Nick Dirks got super drunk and I woke up next to him kneeling down pissing on his pillow and blankets and Jake Olson-Elm. I tried to tell him he was pissing but gave up and he flopped face first back into bed. Best part was, in the morning Jake woke up and thought he was wet from sweating. (laughs)

That's awesome. Where'd you film this winter?
Quebec, Calgary, Toronto, Japan, Utah, Whistler, Michigan, Minnesota, California.

Where’d you get the most footy?
Probably in Canada.

Did you guys find any new spots there?
Yeah for sure. We hit mostly new spots. Although we hit some old ones too that people would say are “played out.”

Did any new tricks go done, anybody invent some shit?
Let's just say Louie (Louif Paradis) didn’t let anyone down as far as new tricks goes.

Oh yeah…anyone else come up?
Well… not everyone is on Louie’s level. Inventing a new trick these days is pretty intense.

That’s the truth…so is it more or less a “streets video” or what?
Not as much as everyone would think with the crew we got. We got at some pow.

Really? So we can expect to see some jumping?
For sure. We sure aren’t going for double corks and all that, but some good stylish jumping indeed.

Nick Dirks.

Good to hear…how was it making a movie, directing, editing, managing it all? Was it easier or harder than you’d imagined?
It was super mellow, although our whole approach was mellow. We weren’t stressing at any point that's for sure. A lot easier than I had imagined it would be. Maybe because I never bought a snowmobile (laughs). I wasn’t too hyped on the idea of motocrossing all over the mountains, and glad I didn’t.

Yeah, you probably saved yourself a lot of trouble. What’s gonna make this video different from others?
I think the crew is the first major difference. Every video out there is loaded with people that are in just because of sponsor dollars. More than half our crew didn’t have one sponsor come through with money. We got the most interesting crew we could, regardless of money.

Cool, and are you stoked with what you got, stoked with how the video turned out?
I'm really excited. Just going through all the footage gets me hyped to wanna snowboard. There isn’t anybody’s part I don’t look forward to. I think kids will be able to relate to the video and crew a lot more then they have in other videos.

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