Video veteran Wille Yli-Luoma is known for big jumps and clean style. Not one for mini-shreddin’, park laps, or blown out spots, Wille keeps it raw; riding the nooks and crannies of Mount Baker and waiting for the European Alps to get good. He spent last winter filming for People Creative’s forthcoming film, Nice Try. We asked Wille a few questions.


Where did you ride last winter and who was in your crew?

I rode In Canada, Washington, Wyoming, and Europe. My crew was usually Shaun [McKay], Curtis [Ciszek], and Seth [Huot].

Any highlight days from the filming season?

Europe. Stüben with Shaun and Seth—I don't really remember the days but there where lots of them.

You spend lots of time riding Mount Baker. What makes it such a special place?

I love how quiet it is and how there's not a snowboard scene there. People don't care how they look, they just care about the powder and riding. The terrain is all so amazing that I can't really go to any other resorts after that.

What are you trying to do with your snowboarding these days?

I'm just trying to ride more and more natural stuff and try my tricks off things that look interesting. So, no 1080's or 1260's with nasty style.

I hear you've gotten into roasting coffee beans.

I just love coffee and never get sick of it. I started drinking those lattes and other coffee drinks but then I wanted to taste the real thing, so I stopped the sugar and cream thing … it was hard to find good coffee so I started to roast myself.  I usually drink two double espressos a day, maybe a regular cup of coffee and if we really are going for it, I have an Americano on top of it. So, that equals about 70 grams of ground coffee a day—but if we are cupping new coffee I might go over that and then my day is kind of killed.

Have you been doing anything new with photography?  

I have just been shooting pictures for fun lately. I wanted to do it for a profession after riding but I'm kind of giving up on that idea. The whole coffee thing has kind of taken over for me.  The last [photo] job I did was for a bike magazine and I think I'm going to leave it at that.

What are your summer plans?

Hang out with my daughter Lilou, ride my bike, float the river, skate, and golf. I'm going to meet some coffee farmers, roast some coffee and open up my own café. Maybe go to Argentina with K2 in August…

Wille’s Sponsors: K2, Volcom, Thirty Two, Etnies, Da Kine, IS  Designs  photos: 1&3.Volcom, 2. Wellhausen