Q&A 16.2

Q&A That saying “quitters never win” seems like one of those insidious little lies meant to keep people in line-like when your dad tells you not to climb the neighbor’s tree because you’ll get electrocuted. The truth is, people quit stuff every day-I almost gave up writing this intro a few minutes ago. But abandoning something you love, like snowboarding?
That’s downright shameful, even if doing it professionally has sucked the lifeblood right out it for you. Well, don’t worry, not one of these shreds here ever really considered quitting snowboarding, and most even see themselves doing it when they’re “old.”-J.S. Have you ever considered quitting snowboarding?
Roger Hjelmstadstuen
Age: 23
Sponsors: Helly Hansen, Airwalk, Dragon, Da Kine, Volcom
“When I think of snowboarding, it’s about riding and having fun with my friends. And I will never stop doing that, because that’s what I have always done and always want to do! But over the last five years I’ve been a part of the snowboard industry, and that makes me think about snowboarding in a different way. The industry has given me a lot-the chance to travel the world, meet fun people, and make a living out of it. I’m more than happy I got the opportunity to do that, but I know already that I don’t want to stay in the industry the rest of my life. I’ll ride my board every day I can with my friends, though, until my body can’t handle it anymore!”Victoria Jealouse
Sign: Scorpio
Sponsors: Burton, Spy, Subaru
“No, I don’t think so because it’s just getting more and more fun all the time. I’m balancing snowboarding in my life better-starting to try more stuff and ride what I want to … always for myself now. And it’s getting easier to progress. When my mom rode down a 4,000-foot peak in Alaska with me last year, I felt more excited about it than ever. It was an incredible experience. My mom rips. I think that’s when I realized I will always snowboard.” Kendra Starr
Age: 26
Sponsors: Option, NFA, Spy, Northwave, Drake, Da Kine, Comor Sports
“I’ve never really considered giving it up. I’m going to be an old shredding granny. I’ve thought about not snowboarding professionally a few times-you know, just making a normal living and not wondering if I can make the rent next month. Then I come to my senses and realize how much fun I’m having and how lucky I am to be a pro athlete, even if it only lasts a short time. I’m stoked to be doing what I’m doing right now. Pushing myself and learning new things keeps me inspired in life.”Kevin Young
Age: 30
Sponsors: Atlantis, The Circle Skate And Snowboard Shop, Swans Eyewear
“Never. I’ll be snowboarding until my body falls apart, and when I no longer make a living at it, snowboarding will be even more fun.”