Q & A – Who is the most influential person in snowboarding right now?


If you really sit down and think hard about who’s making a difference in snowboarding, you’ll discover that it might not be that shred of the year with the slick tricks and sponsors galore. It might just be someone behind the scenes, more of a puppet master of sorts, like the Wizard of Oz, or something. Then again, it might not.-J.S.

Who is the most influential person in snowboarding right now?

David Carrier-Porcheron

Age: 25

Sponsors: Burton, Spy Optics, Hurley International, Ski-Doo, DVS, Empire Snowboard Shop

“Jake Burton, because he’s involved in every aspect of snowboarding-he’s supporting the best and supporting almost every movie project out there. Plus, he has the Chill Program, and he loves the pow.”

Jussi Oksanen

Age: 26

Sponsors: Burton, Motorola, DVS, We, Smith

“Jake Burton is a very influential person because he’s keeping snowboarding real and presents shredding the way it should be presented. Through the Chill program, he’s involved in helping people who don’t normally have the chance to get into snowboarding, he puts contests together all around the world, et cetera. He’s involved from the grassroots to the professional level, and he’s just given so much back to the sport.

“David Benedek is another one. With his films, he’s finding new ways to represent snowboarding and trying to break up the whole standard of the obligatory ‘two-minute movie part’ every year. He’s just a breath of fresh air in snowboarding. I respect that he’s making that happen, and at the same time, he’s also pushing snowboarding to a new level-frontside double cork 1260s! He’s always coming up with some new shit-he’s got to be a genius.”

Josh Dirksen

Age: 29

Sponsors: Salomon, Bonfire, Boost Mobile, DaKine, Scott, Exit Real World

“There’re too many influential people in snowboarding to pick just one. I guess if you’re talking straight numbers, Shaun White would be the most influential person in snowboarding. If I were picking the most influential person based on style and originality, I would choose Danny Kass. And if I were to pick one person who I wish had the most influence on snowboarding, I would choose Temple Cummins, because he’s fast, he knows how to make a sick pow turn, and he doesn’t take the sport of snowboarding too seriously.”