Pro Snowboarders Play “Snow P.I.G.” At The Canyons Resort

Park City, UT–High Definition television and pro snowboarders came together at The Canyons Resort for a game of SNOW P.I.G.

Each day, four pro snowboarders competed against each other to try to make it into the championship SNOW P.I.G. competition on Saturday, March 13. Competitors included Chris Coulter, Pat Moore, Scotty Arnold, JJ Thomas, Travis Rice, BJ & Eric Leines as well as Rob Kingwell were all there.

The rules of the game were simple. Four athletes competed in a game of P.I.G. every show. After each trick was drawn from ?The Deck?, the rider described how the trick would be performed and over what obstacle. Riders chose three different jumps on the front face of the resort, the largest measuring in at 90 feet. If they failed to complete the trick they received a letter.

Travis Rice stole the show and won the P.I.G. trophy along with the fabulous necklace featured in the photo below. He also walked away with three thousand big ones.