Prelude to Jeff Galbraith’s

The idea behind the “Words To The Man” column was that we would get bi-weekly insights into the snowboard world via Snowboarder Magazine Senior Editor Jeff Galbraith’s self-flagellating prose. That was the idea. Looking back on the column so far I find only a reckless collection of randomness.

So far we’ve run a column about moving to Whistler, a treatise on the Summer X Games, a list of uncanny coincidences between the heinous surf-noir film “Point Break” and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s seminal live album “One More From the Road,” and a flogging of Jackson Hole locals for being dicks to Terje and Johann.

Since, it’s obvious that we’re in the middle of a serious communication breakdown and seeing how much I love laughing at other people’s neurosis, I decided to run a letter I received from Jeff as his column this week. With this it looks like we’ve got front row seats for a psychological meltdown. So sit down, shut up, and pass the popcorn.

Lee Crane,

P.S. Over the din of Black Sabbath Jeff recently mentioned picking up a ceramic Glock 9mm because “you can walk through metal detectors with them.” Consider this fair warning.