PR: Cool Boarders 2 Shreds Onto the PlayStation

FOSTER CITY, Calif.–Nov. 11, 1997–Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today that Cool Boarders(TM) 2, the sequel to last year’s hot-selling snowboarding videogame, is now available exclusively for the PlayStation(TM) game console — with all new Burton(R) snowboards, a 2-player mode, challenging new courses and better-than-ever gameplay and graphics.

Now, with Cool Boarders 2, gamers can enjoy the popular and fast growing sport of snowboarding via the PlayStation. This year’s all-new version of the tremendously popular Cool Boarders series provides brilliant real-time rendered 3D graphics and a choice of 18 Burton(R) snowboards to ride while “tear`n’ it up” on any of nine all-new challenging downhill courses.

“Playing Cool Boarders 2 is an experience that offers the thrill of snowboarding in an intense videogame environment,” said Peter Dille, senior director, product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. “Gameplayers will be amazed at the number of new moves and features they can perform.”

The gameplay in Cool Boarders 2 has been designed to test each gamer’s snowboarding abilities, with classic jumping maneuvers and the addition of 40 new moves. Also new is the challenging half pipe,freestyle mode, Big Air contest and brand new board park. The all-new two-player mode means gamers can now snowboard and compete against their fellow shredders.

Cool Boarders 2 Key Features
— 2-player mode
— 18 new Burton snowboards
— New Half-Pipe
— New Big Air contest
— New Freestyle mode
— New Board Park
— Nine new downhill tracks
— All the classic jumping maneuvers plus 40 new maneuvers
— Men and Women riders to choose from
— 3D polygonal characters, tracks and real-time rendering