PR: All Girls Skate Jam

To benefit Spinal Injury Research

Get ready to witness history. Yes, female skateboarders from across the country will converge at the first ever women’s professional skateboarding competition, making skateboarding and female sports history! The first event of its kind will bring the top female skateboarders together at the Graffix Ramp Skatepark (just minutes away from the San Diego ASR tradeshow) for a thrilling and uniqe look at the women who are kicking ass in this previously male dominated sport. The event is by presented by Vans, (who just introduced the Cara-beth Burniside sinature skate shoe), together with Fresh and Tasty Magazine, the leader in media coverage of women in snowboarding and skateboarding. On Sunday, September 7th, some of the top women skateboarders including Vans Pro Team skateboarder’s Carabeth Burnside, Jen O’Brien, Jody Mcdonald will compete for over $5,00 in cash and prizes and the opportunity to qualify for entry into the ESPN X-Games–making it a first time women’s skateboarding is included in the X-Games!!!! Both the first place ramp and street winners will take home a grand and the possibility to take it to the next level of competition, the ESPN X-games.

To accompany all the skateboarding action there will be plenty of excitement created by loud music, booths, product giveaways, film, food and awards Rockin the house will be female fronted heavy metal band, Tura Satana (formerly known as Manhole). Theis rockin outfit has toured with the likes of Rage Against The Machine, Korn and Machinehead and have appeared on the cover of every major European Metal magazine. Also rockin out will be Human Waste Project and Gelopy. Sponsors will have set up booths and be giving away free products. Whether it be the skating, the music, the food, the booths, the giveaway prizes, or the fact that its the first of its kind the All Girls Skate Jam will surely not go unnoticed.

Patty Segovia, longtime skater, snowboarder and photographer created the event because of her passion for skateboarding and her desire to see the girls in skateboarding get recognized for their amazing talent and dedication. Segovia was also inspired by her close friend, skater Cara-beth Burnside and decided to and decided to make this long time dream of her’s a reality. Putting together the All Girls Skate Jam is no small feat, but Segovia is determined and motivated and feel that the timing is right for women’s skateboarding to be introduced to the world. She hopes, throught his event to inspire young women and girls to become involved in skateboarding.

Segovia has done a great job of getting the word out to the women participating and getting extensive media coverage. The All Girls Skate Jam will be televised by STV, Full Speed Productions and SOL Snowboarding Online will doing a live cybercast of the event. Representing from print media will be Fresh and Tasty, Warp Magazine, Snowboarder, Heckler, Stick Magazine, and Snowboard Canada, just to name a few.

Never before has there been an event of its kind, an all women’s skateboarding televised competition. While there has always been female players in the world of skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding the public gaze has mostly admired the male athletes. With the numbers of women competitors increasing daily, the public can no longer look away. The All Girls Skate Jam will go down in history as yet another door swinging open for women and their endeavors.

Don’t miss your chance to get involved in this first ever women’s This unnique event is made possible by generous sponsors and women supporters like Vans. Other sponsors that have contributed to making this event possible are Fresh and Tasty Magazine, Protec Helmets, Rookie Skateboards, Boneless Pads, Toy Machine, Taco Loco, Surf Diva, Life Snowboards, Sector 9, Electric Link, Sessions, Stick Magazine, Heckler, Active, Backside, Monster Magazine, Daily Bread, Warp Magazine, Strength Mag, Stick Magazine, and SOL Snowboarding Online, Snowboard Canada.

Proceeds from the All Girls Skate Jam will benefit organizations for Spinal Injury research.

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