Hey, all you shreds in the Northwest, don’t melt your seasons pass into a fingerboard quite yet cause, guess what? It snowed! I crap you negative. Real deal snow, too—none of this dust on crust crap we’ve been getting all year. As of Sunday night there were reports coming in that Whistler got a foot and Mt. Baker was getting 3o inches. I, of course, was skeptical so I decided to drag fellow TWS editor Jen Sherowski to Mt. Hood Meadows for a look-see.

From the parking lot it looked like the only good runs I was going to get were from the cafeteria’s chili. Man, was I wrong. All it took was some creative shreddin’ and we were neck deep in fresh. No lift lines, no crowds, the only tracks were our own. And from the looks of it there’s more to come. Could be a couple more storms on the way, so take the boots of eBay and break yourself off a piece.