Powers and Jacobellis Take Grand Prix Pipe At Bachelor

Would you hike the pipe on a powder day? How about for ten-thousand dollars? Ross “The Boss Powers and Lindsey Jacobellis got down to business and beat out the rest of the field after a heated exchange in the Grand Prix halfpipe final. The other two steps of the men’s podium were occupied by Luke Wynen in second and Finn Toni-Marcus Turunen in third. Lindsey was followed by Kelly Clark and fifteen-year-old Elena Hight (who qualified in first).

The best competitor in snowboarding, Powers put it together for his final run, including mandatory straight airs (backside and stalefish), a frontside seven to Cab seven combo, a McTwist, and a nine. That was enough to edge Wynen and shell-shocked (looking) Turunen who stood on the podium with a black eye but without a board--is he even sponsored?

And what is it with Luke Wynen? Do you know how hard it is to make a final at the Grand Prix? Luke (who was just added to the U.S. Team) is always in there and he’s no stranger to the podium, either. You know what I’m saying ... recognize.

The absence of Hannah Teter--who sat trying sevens on both of her qualifying runs--opened a door that Lindsey Jacobellis shut on her first of two runs. A top-of-the-pipe frontside five and a seven farther down held off the rest of the women, including Kelly Clark and Gretchen Bleiler. Lindsey’s first Grand Prix pipe win started with the following words of wisdom from coach Mike Jankowski: “Go fast. Of course, Lindsey had her headphones on (see photo) and probably couldn’t hear him, anyway.

Beyond the pipe, Bachelor was the place for blinding pow turns and legend spotting. Within a half hour, I saw Kris Jamieson, Tim Windell, and J.D. Platt (cover of TW’s April 1994 issue)--who is now into dog Frisbee.

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Chevrolet U.S. Snowboard Grand PrixMt. Bachelor, Oregon--January 8, 2005

Men1. Ross Powers, South Londonderry, Vt.2. Luke Wynen Mammoth Lakes, Calif.3. Toni-ma Turunen, Finland4. Kier Dillon, East Stoudsberg, Pa.5. Steve Fisher, St. Louis Park, Minn

Women1. Lindsey Jacobellis, Stratton, Vt.2. Kelly Clark, Mount Snow, Vt.3. Elena Hight, South Lake Tahoe, Calif.4. Gretchen Bleiler, Aspen, Colo.5. Lesley McKenna, Scotland

Biggest backside air: Andy FinchBiggest frontside air: Tommy Czeschin