When you live in Park City the resorts are so close it’s hard not to take advantage of them. I mean you can practically see your landings in Jonesy’s Park from Main St. when you leave the bar after last call and The Canyons offers tons of acres of empty, powdery trees to explore. But for the more adventurous shredder Utah’s backcountry boasts unlimited possibilities, you just gotta work for it a little. With this in mind Rossignol TM Alex Pashley and I dragged park kids Caleb Flowers and Alex “Littlest Sherman out into the hills for some deep pillow lines. After breaking the kids out of school for the day, getting them out of their 2XL-Tall hoodies and set up with the backcountry essentials; pack, shovel and avalanche beacon, it was off to the hills.

It was snowing pretty steady all day but Pashley had a spot pre-scoped so we were able to roop the sleds out to the zone real quick. After a brief safety meeting we had our lines picked out and a boot pack kicked in. With all the snow we’ve gotten in UT in the last week or so the pillows were looking filled in and ready to be handled. We found a nice spot to perch a kicker on top of, built it out and hit up some fun lines while we let it set up. We got our pow on for a while and then the boys decided it was time to get live on the kicker. Even with all the great UT snow that’s fallen lately there’re still rocks under there and Caleb found one. Ouch … A couple more pops, another safety meeting and we were headed back to the truck, mission accomplished.

There’s a bunch of great backcountry out there no matter where you live, but if you’re going to head into the hills do the smart thing and get the right safety gear and learn how to use it properly. Check with your local avalanche center and take a class, it could save your life or your buddies.