Pospisil and Hight Win Grand Prix Expression Session

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For the past few years Breckenridge has thrown big ol’ Quarterpipe contest complete with a firing party under the lights in downtown Breckenridge. This year they decided to take the up into the halfpipe on the mountain instead. To make things interesting, they added two obstacles; a Plexiglas wall ride of sorts and a round bar. It will make sense when you see the photos. The format was a one hour jam. Prizes were given out for overall performance and for best trick on one of the obstacles. The free transpo, via Breck’s new Gondola, up the hill from town meant everyone was free to imbibe in their intoxicator of choice. The whole thing had a party atmosphere, only at over 10,000-foot elevation, at night, in Colorado in below zero temperatures. What really matters though is the athletes. They were so pumped that when official time was over, they just kept on riding. Who wouldn’t just keep going? It was really just a session with all their friends. Things finally wound down and everyone headed on their respective fates for the night.

Men’s Results

1. Shane Pospsil
2. Michael Goldschmidt
3. Danny Davis

Women’s Results

1. Elena Hight
2. Dominique Valee
3. Mercedes Nichol