Poll Results: Worst Trend

You’ve spoken, and the results are in from our most recent snow poll on the “worst trend in snowboarding right now. And apparently the worst trend these days is tight pants, with a whopping 48.4% of your votes. Second place? Snowboarders making rap CD’s. Apparently you just don’t care for extremes, you like to play it safe, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Third place saw Tall T’s as the worst trend with 17.1% of votes. Fourth went to snowboarders moving to Portland, and finally in the fifth spot, snowboarders starting bands. So, in reverse logic that means if you really want to “make it in snowboarding these days you should probably start a band and move to Portland, since those are apparently the least played out things you could do at this point. But on the other hand, if you’re basing your shred-career on this poll you’ve got another thing coming.

“Worst Trend in Snowboarding Right Now

Final Results

Tight Pants: 48.3 %
Tall T’s: 17.1 %
Snowboarders Starting Bands: 3.4 %
Snowboarders Making Rap CD’s: 26.0 %
Snowboarders Moving To Portland: 04.5 %


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“Best Snow-Celebrity Death Match

1. Sal Masekela Vs. The Dingo
2. Leanne Pelosi Vs. Gretchen Bleiler
3. Marc Frank Vs. Travis Rice
4. Peter Line Vs. Shane Flood
5. Danny Kass Vs. Shaun White