Poll Results: The Web Videos

Our latest poll has been tallied, this one was all for you, the viewers, or readers, whatever you are this one was all yours—”What Videos Do You Want To See? all we want to do is make you happy, how cute, we know. So let’s not beat around the bush, we’re not feeling overly clever anyhow. The poll is a wrap and here are the results.

“What Videos Do You Want To See?

1. Trick Tips 33.6%
2. Day In The Life 23.6%
3. Contests 14.1%
4. Resort Reports 12.3%
5. Cribs 11.3%
6. Monday Mallets 3.0%

It’s not quite overwhelming, but trick tips are the clear winner and we kind of anticipated that. So what did we do? We went out and shot some new ones. And winter’s only just begun so expect a slew of those to be popping up on twsnow.com. Right after that was “Day In The Life. This isn’t something we’ve done yet, but we’re really psyched to get cracking and some sick ones are in the works so stay tuned.

New Tick Tips on TWSNOW.com:

Front Boards with Josh Mills

Backside Nosepresses with Jon Kooley


Tune into the homepage A.S.A.P. to vote in the poll:

“Sickest Grab