Poll Results: The Reality Show

The results are in from the weekly poll, well it’s supposed to be weekly but we got kind of caught up you know? With stuff. But from here on out we swear, weekly. The only thing we love more than snowboarding is reality television, wait … that’s Ryan Thompson, not us. But anyway, we asked you, the readers, who in this wide world of snowboarding, “Would be most likely to get their own reality TV show.

The results were close, but in the end you picked … The Dingo! The obvious outcome, as the vocal Aussie is far from camera shy, entertaining as hell, and already has celeb experience in front of the camera; what with hosting the Grand Prix’s, hosting the TransWorld Riders Poll Awards two years running, and even quarterbacking an episode of Made on MTV. Pete Line came in a close second, and the others weren’t far off either. Now what we’d really like to see is all five of ’em tossed into a house together with a camera crew and the whole nine. Just like the Real World you know? They’ll get internships, and share a car … maybe they could all live in beautiful Oceanside California, and be interns here at the mag, and they can drive around in the Embarrasser 1, a.k.a. the TransWorld Explorer SportTrak. We’ll work on that one …

“Would be most likely to get their own reality TV show?

The players and the results:

Peter Line: 27.5%
The Dingo: 29.8%
Molly Aguirre: 11.5%
Nate Bozung: 18.2%
Trevor Andrew: 11.9%


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1. Tight pants
2. Tall T’s
3. Snowboarders starting bands
4. Snowboarders making rap CDs
5. Snowboarders moving to Portland