Poll Results: The Election

And in presidential news, Jeremy Jones (jibber) takes the oval office throne in a landslide victory! Jones received an overwhelming 56.4% of the votes. If he really were to take charge of this great nation, what would the winds of change bring about? We might see freedom for oppressed skateboarders nationwide, who are unable to enjoy their past times, and livelihoods in peace? No more snowboarders getting kicked out of street rail session when they’re just trying to earn a living doing what they love? Maybe resorts like Deer Valley, and Taos would be forced to lift their current bans on snowboarding. You know come election time, you are given the option to write in a name not on the ballot. Why not Jeremy?

“Most Likely To Become President?”

Final Results

1. Jeremy Jones 56.6%
2. Jamie Lynn 16.7%
3. Brian Iguchi 9.0%
4. Tara Dakides 8.9%
5. Gretchen Bleiler 8.6%


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