Poll Results: The Death Match

We knew right after posting this one that the Snow-Celebrity Death Match battle was going to be between Danny and Shaun. You can picture them now, all claymationed out, wielding their respective Silver and Gold Olympic medals. Kass hurling grenades in White’s direction, and Shaun retaliating with back-to-back 1080 roundhouse kicks to the face … man. Maybe it was their sheer status that attracted so many votes—nearly half to be exact. Or maybe it’s just the best possible match up, with size, status, clout and everything else taken into account.

Trice and MFM came in swinging at second place, two heavy hitters for sure. We’re not gonna lie though, we were really hoping to see Sal pitted against Dingo, a fight to the death with only one snowboard personality left standing—Masekela relentlessly beating Dingo with his mic’, and Dingo choking out Sal with ungodly amounts of flair. We’re going to try and line these up, could be a really cool side show at SIA, or Riders Poll next year …

“Best Snow-Celebrity Death Match”

Final results

1. Danny Kass Vs. Shaun White 47.4 %
2. Marc Frank Vs. Travis Rice 25.4%
3. Sal Masekela Vs. The Dingo 11.5%
4. Leanne Pelosi Vs. Gretchen Bleiler 7.8%
5. Peter Line Vs. Shane Flood 7.7%


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1. Brian Iguchi
2. Jamie Lynn
3. Tara Dakides
4. Gretchen Bleiler
5. Jeremy Jones