Poll Results: The Best Event

Alright we (I) lagged pretty hard on wrapping up the recent poll, that being said, it means that this one must be right on, because it’s been voted on 5,012 frickin’ times. We set out to have you determine the best “Event in snowboarding, not necessarily the best contest, ’cause Grenade Games is a full Aquarian Squeebathon and not a contest at all. In this case the biggest turned out to be the best, as 34.5% of the votes landed in Aspen, Colorado at the X Games. And whattayaknow, we just happen to be at all these happenings, and that makes this the perfect chance to recycle stuff we put up on the www while we were there! It’s cool; everyone knows event coverage ages like wine and only gets better anyway.

Poll results: “The Best Event”

1. X-Games: 34.5%
To watch the X Games 11 Slope Video, click here.

2. Vail Session: 29.5%
To watch the ’07 Vail Session Slope Video, click here.

3. Grenade Games: 12.4%
To watch the ’06 Grenade Games Video, click here.

4. TransWorld Team Challenge: 11.7%
To watch the ’06 Team Challenge Webisode 4 Video, click here.

5. US Open: 8.1%
To watch the ’06 US Open Pipe Video, click here.

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“Best Video Part of ’06

JP Walker, That
Eero Ettala, Follow Me Around
Etienne Gilbert, People
John Jackson, Draw The Line
Travis Rice, More