Poll Results: Summer Vaca’

The winter season is winding down if not a complete wrap, and summer is on deck and swinging. Just ’cause all your precious snow is rapidly melting away, doesn’t mean you have to get all bent out of shape and go bury your head in the sand. Summer is popping and there’s plenty going on from summer camp to summer school.

We wanted to know what the hell you’re going to do over the course of the next few months, fending off boredom, so we asked. The latest poll numbers are in and tallied up. We inquired, “What are you going to do over summer?

It wasn’t unanimous, as carpet boarding and doing nothing made their dents. Playing with matches came in second followed by surfing in third, but the majority of the 1,608 voters are down for skateboarding. It’s so easy, skateboarding; all you have to do is go outside and skate. No driving to the hill, no chairlifts, no moguls, no hundreds of dollars worth of gear, no skiers, no first layers or any of that, just a skateboard. But playing with matches is cool too.

So we’ll see you opening day next year, but until then work on them nollie flips, kid.

Poll Results: What are you going to do over summer?

1. Go skateboarding: 33.1%
2. Play with matches: 21.5%
3. Go to snowboard camp: 16.2%
4. Go surfing: 12.9%
5. Do nothing: 8.2%
6. Go carpet boarding: 7.8%

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“Who would you want to go heli-boarding with?”

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