Poll Results: Sickest Grab

We just wrapped our latest poll in which you determined the most excellent grab in all of snowboarding. There are so many options, and there all good as long as you avoid no-no zones like tindy, tailfish, and worst of all the dreaded boot grab which is worse than sticking your hand in a bucket of shit. There all good, but back to the results. The sickest grab, as voted on by you the readers, is officially the method. A timeless, and versatile maneuver that is as personal to each rider as his or her own signature. Careers have been built off of jumping and grabbing a snowboard in this particular way. So with that said, get out there and tweak it!

We went ahead and put together a slideshow of sick method shots, go ahead and click that link on the left for some inspiration.

1. Method: 30.8%
2. Crail: 27.2%
3. Melon: 13.4%
4. Tail: 11.9%
5. Nose: 9.9%
6. Indy: 6.3%


Tune into the homepage A.S.A.P. to vote in the poll:

” The Best Event

Vail Session
TransWorld Team Challenge
Grenade Games
US Open