Poll Results: Best Video Part

The people have spoken, and the best video part of the year according to our expert panel of judges, yous guys, was Eero Ettala’s ender in Mack Dawg Productions latest offering, Follow Me Around. Was it his serious street missions, his switch double backs into pow’, or the double rodeo ten ender? Probably all of the above and then some. JP took second for his two-year ender in Forum’s, That. Trice came in at third for his juicy AK filled part in Absinthe’s, More. French Canadian killer, Etienne took fourth for his sick all-around ender in MDP’s, People. And somehow John Jackson rounded out fifth place with what we thought was one of the sickest parts of the year in Standard Films’, Draw The Line. All of the above listed parts were pockets full of banger, but someone’s always gotta be the best, and this time it was Eero by a landslide.

Poll Results: Best Video Part of ’06

1. Eero Ettala, Follow Me Around: 45.1%
2. JP Walker, That: 19.4%
3. Travis Rice, More: 18.5%
4. Etienne Gilbert, People: 11.0%
5. John Jackson, Draw The Line: 6.1%

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