March 31, 2007—It was a sunny, and slushy Spring Southern California day at the second stop of The Collective Empire’s “Picnic in the Park hosted by 686, Elm and Dragon. According to the event’s visionary Scott Ladwig, “Picnic in the Park is an event that prides itself on bringing fresh ideas to the mountain influenced by skateboarding and snowboarding’s past. The second stop of Picnic in the Park 2007 was exactly that.

As usual the Bear Mtn Park Staff executed the vision perfectly. The course, according to Chris Bradshaw, was “gnollie. As you might imagine we had ollie after nollie lined up for a day of sunny skate-inspired shredding. Some competitors took the picnic table to quarter pipe basket ball jib while many others were fond of the park bench to road barrier. My personal favorite was the tennis net to tulip jib and then over the swing set.

The multiple course options made the event exciting, entertaining and good times were had by all. This event is not your usual rail jam format and even the judges took a fresh approach to picking the individual winners.

Look for Picnic In The Park bigger and better next season as 686 and the Collective Empire bring true freestyle snowboarding back to where it belongs. Check for information on a picnic coming to your neighborhood.

Special thanks to Nam, Clayton and the Bear Park Crew for making it all happen!


Overall Rider
Ryan Tarbell

Best Trick
Josh Shaheen

Best Picnic Line
ian Sums

Quotes of the Day
“Gnollie”—Chris Bradshaw, T9 Pro

“Skate”—Will Redd, 686/Sepia TM

“I had a smile on my face the whole time even when i fell”—Scott Bornhoft, Competitor