Lets recap some of today’s highlights. Overall winner, best trick winner and official TTR World Snowboard Tour number one Kevin Pearce seems absolutely bloody unbeatable this season. His huge inverted backside 540 double grab secured him the top spot on the podium. The Oakley Arctic Challenge has always been a place where the rookies get a chance to shine. And second place winner (cause they are all winners at TAC) Shayne Pospisil threw down some serious bangers today and topped it with a gigantous frontside 360. Third place went to Finland and wonder boy Peetu Piiroinen. He impressed the judges and the crowd with insane amplitude and a mean backside 540. Peetu stuck the landing of the highest air of the day, 7.5m above the coping. Host and owner Terje Haakonsen landed the fourth spot with his humongous tweaked McTwist Japan and almost took the highest air with a copy of his world-record backside 360 from last year. He was 8.3m above the coping but over-rotated, hand-dragged and the jump was not approved.

Fifth place went to style-King Nicolas Muller with his legendary super stylish Mc Twist. Too bad his one-foot McTwisters ended with slams, but thanks anyways Nico for giving a great show. Andy Finch stoked the crowd with a huge chuck and some insane airs. Other standouts of the day were Norwegian homeboys Daniel Josefsen and Ulrik Badertcher going both huge and technical. Daniel scared us all by landing flat on the top of the QP after flying a good 6-7 meters. Thanks Fredrik for good padding.

All in all a bloody fine day at the Holmenkollen Ski-jump arena, with next level snowboarding, relaxed atmosphere, good music. Thanks to Pirate Love for rocking it up, Ida Marie, and thanks to Akon for bringing the rhythm and rhyme. Thanks also to our friends at Oakley, Nokia, Protest and Explora Capital and all you other supporters. Last but definitely not least, thanks to all volunteers for bringing the whole thing together and keeping us all afloat. Your effort is invaluable.

by John Harold Knutsson

Final Results

1. Kevin Pearce
2. Shayne Pospisil
3. Peetu Piiroinen
4. Terje Haakonsen
5. Nicolas Müller
6. Andy Finch
7. Risto Mattila
8. Colin Frei

Best trick – Kevin Pearce with a 7.1 meter high Inverted backside 540 doublegrab

Highest Air – Peetu Piiroinen with a 7.5 meter high backside tailgrab