A couple years ago Volcom set forth to create a contest based on fun. Now Volcom spreads the fun on thick and gooey across the country, finding the ooziest style of the jibbing youth. At the end of the year, the winners from each stop find themselves at the Peanut Butter & Rail Jam’s birthplace—Mammoth Mountain, California.

This year the twenty-thousand-dollar purse was the desire of the youth, for some fresh cash in their pockets could equal a brand new wardrobe of tall tees and designer hockey jerseys. Now, if only they could reach their pockets underneath those dresses. I mean, really, have you ever seen Michael Jordan wearing a shirt with Line written on the back of it? Follow the follower I guess. These little gangsters may have never shot a fool nine times, but they are killing it in their own way—a safer, more suburban form of gang-banging.

While Jamie Lynn was spinning some good old-fashioned metal and punk, the thugs were sticking to their hippity-hoppity ideals and getting blunted. Every kid has those on lock these days with some sort of pretzel 270 out. I remember writing an article on this same event two years ago. I was amazed that every kid could do frontsides—now it’s 270s and frontside blunts. It’s crazy how this contest has progressed. Chicks, too, are beginning to get on the train. Though the gap is still very big, they are figuring out the mechanics of the harder maneuvers.

After a long day of stretching their vocal cords, the Dingo and B.J. Leines announced the start of the main event—the Open Class Finals. These guys had advanced through two sessions already on the setup of Mammoth’s world famous pink ox, which these days is angled upwards at a fifteen-degree slant, a wide down bar, and a flat down rail consisting of two flat bars linked together. At the bottom of these features was a mini quarterpipe with two barrels on either side of a wallride.

At the end of the heat, it was Lucas Magoon who most impressed the panel of judges—Chris Delmoski, Erik Leines, and Curtis Ciszek—and took home four thousand dollars, a guitar hand painted by Jamie Lynn himself, and a bundle of goodies from brands like Electric, Lib Tech, Ride, Nitro, Santa Cruz, Red Bull, and, of course, Volcom.

Volcom knows how to do contests. They give out free sandwiches (160 bonus tubs of PB&J, to be exact), promote the hell out of true snowboarding, give away tons of free gear, broadcast the action live via the internet, and they have a blast doing it. Every contest should follow the archetype of this one—keep the grass alive and the corporate race bibs out. So when the tour rolls through your town next year, sign up, spread some jam on your nipples, and get gnarly with it.

Peanut Butter and Rail Jam Finals, Final Results
Saturday May 20, 2006

15 and Under:

1. Zak Stone—$3000
2. Kael Hill—$1500
3. Dylan Stelck—$750

4. Taylor Nelson
5. Tyler Lynch

“Holla back board: Dylan Alito
Quarterpipe Best Trick: Dylan Alito

16 and Over:

1. Jesse Delgrosse—$3,000
2. Mac Spedale—$1,500
3. James Shoshone—$750

4. Nick Poohachoff
5. Jake Larue

“Holla back board: Stuart Gingrass
Quarterpipe Best Trick: ?

Girls Division:

1. Jess Kimura—$1,500
2. Kalyn Lepre—$750
3. Joanna Dzierzawski—$300

4. Emily Blewitt
5. Bryn Valika

“Holla back board: Laura Iverson
Quarterpipe Best Trick: Jess Kimura

Open Division:

1. Lucas Magoon—$4,000
2. Zac Marben—$2,000
3. Jeremy Cloutier—$1,000

4. Dan Brisse
5. Jed Anderson

“Holla back board: Adam Dowell
Quarterpipe Best Trick: Lucas Magoon

Check the slideshow for tons of peanut-buttery pics!