Pat Moore & Waterville Valley: Back To The Boneyard

A blast from the past! Waterville Valley Resort and Forum Snowboards pro Pat Moore hosted the first ever, Back To The Boneyard event today in New Hampshire. The fundraiser event was part park-nostalgia and part throwdown for a spot in the esteemed Waterville Academy snowboard program.  Basically, Pat Moore is giving back to the program and park that raised him up. Lots of East Coast heads came out of hiding for the day. Back in the early 90s, Pat's mom, Deb Moore, the WV resort marketing director, gave the green light to this new thing called a "snowboard park," and it was dubbed the Boneyard.  From there, the scene was born in Waterville, and at the time Pat was just a wee lad. 

So today, with a re-recreated version of the old Boneyard park: complete with the OG double-barrel rail, a school bus roof and a  booter with an icy landing, it was like a greasy east Coast version of Big Jean Fantasy. Pat worked the mic out there in the shadowy depths of the old park run. Kids hucked. Old dudes stacked. The event had a unique format, all of Pat's creation. He made up a list of tricks for the competing riders to do, each with a certain dollar value. Teams of three riders all did the tricks to rack up cash. Pat will then donate the full amount that the teams added up, which he then awards to the Wateville Academy snowboarding program. The WVA snow program, headed up by Coach Bill Enos has helped develop many of snowboarding’s top pros, as an alumni, Pat knows the value of this program … and he knows how to get the buzzards of NH stoked. Back To The Boneyard brought out US OPEN crusher and Laconia local Chaz Guldemond, as well as riders like Ian Thorley, Tim Humphries, and scores of others, a mix of WVA grads, Plymouth State riders, and various old crusties from the area, like me. For more on the event, check: here