By Adam Kisiel

Park City Utah. A resort that has park in the name can’t miss when it comes to hosting the Transworld Snowboarding Trans Am.  Arriving days ahead of time for warm sunny days and perfectly shaped park, I knew this would be an awesome event.  On the minds of every weather person, park crew member, and competitor was what the weather would do the day of the Trans Am.  Everyone I talked to gave the same consistent answer: rain.  I should have believed the previous predictions because as soon as the 95 riders dropped into the  mini park for the Trans Am Traffic Jam, it rained.  It rained talent and soaked every spectator in Park City with the excitement of watching riders bring the thunder until they couldn’t stand up. 

The Park City Park crew set up the park for riders to get nasty on several different features that littered the base area.  Backflips could be seen from Salt Lake City as riders took proper advantage of the Dakine rollercoaster box that ended with a mean up kick. The top line also set up riders to gap over the Zumiez couch or get wicked on the Zumiez flat down flat rail.  Once again, riders took the bait hook line and sinker and started throwing rodeo sevens, 270 combos, as well as just straight up 50-50s on the couch.  The Park City flat box saw its fair share of inverts as well.  Riders could be seen pressing the box so hard that their boards looked like they were made of rubber.  Nose press to front flip off was on the menu and several riders were serving it up hot.  The next line down consisted of the High Cascade wall ride that could be hit from the side transition or just jibbed across the top.  Also in the second line, the Ride Snowboards double barrel was set up flat with the option to jump off early and bonk the Ride Snowboards banner. These two features tossed riders into the final frontier, two Oakley mini quarterpipes and a Park City gondola car.  This was icing on the cake and riders licked their plates clean by gapping the between the quarterpipes, spinning over the gondola car, and throwing virtually every stall combo known on both features.

Judges Hondo, Austen Granger, and Scott Stevens were in awe as the mayhem ensued and they were left with the dubious task of picking 40 riders to move on into the finals, The Ultimate Jam. Not just a catchy name, the riders pushed the ultimate envelope. Rider Sean Kelly threw a half-Cab 50-50 backside 360 through the kink of the Zumiez flat down flat. Jon Spiris also caught fire and took it to the High Cascade wallride with a frontside 360 to 50-50.  Both riders notably took home Best Trick honors.  Caleb Flowers kept walking by with the biggest smile and in Babe Ruth time fashion, both he and Kenneth Russell pointed to the fences and sent it.  Flowers threw a huge backside rodeo and Russell decided it was time to unleash a switch backflip.  In the end it was Jack Kyle and Elise Borelli that took home top honors.  Jack Kyle never missed, rolling down through the park with fury and always landing on his feet with ease.  Elise Borelli was later seen signing the papers for owning every feature in the mini park.  She was smooth through everything, never backing down.

As the Trans Am concluded and top riders were awarded with custom Dakine backpacks packed with goggles from Oakley, tons of sweet things from High Cascade, Zumiez, and Transworld Snowboarding, the sky opened up.  It dumped snow for the rest of the evening as the top riders bundled up their newly adopted High Cascade babies and the first place finishers packed their new Ride Snowboards into their well deserved Dakine board bags.  High fives and smiles were shared by everyone even team Purple Pachyderm’s, a rough crew of snowboard maniacs, who broke out into a Park City snowball fight that took no prisoners.  Park City is just that a city of parks that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Men’s Winners:
1. Jack Kyle
2. Jake Semons
3. Christen Hobush

Women’s Winners:
1.  Elise Borelli
2. Madison Blackley
3.  Lejawn Allen