Pabst Bowl 2000: The Pros Go At It In SLC

The crowd was marbled with vibrant swirls of Green and Yellow, Blue and Silver, and every breath was visible when the words were exchanged. A thermometer read 13 degrees below zero, and a determined Vince Lombardi sent the day’s hero back onto the field. “Run it and let’s get the hell out of here,” he said.

Crystallized condensation cracked under the cleats of Bart Starr and nearly 51,000 shivering fans came to their feet as he crossed the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. It was New Years Eve 1967, there were 30 seconds remaining in the NFC championship, it was 3rd down and goal, and the play that followed provided a sport with it’s most celebrated game and America with a new past time.

This year, on the near national holiday of Superbowl Sunday, some of the best talents in professional snowboarding gathered together for an “Ice bowl” of their own.

Named after America’s favorite icy-cold beverage for those over 21, the Pabst Bowl 2000 was a celebration of good times, good friends, and the smooth refreshing flavor of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. The game featured two bitter archrivals who met up in last year’s “Pabst Bowl 1”, and the opportunity for a rematch contributed to the suspense.Resulting from the extensive training regiments of many participants, the field of talent was divided into two teams by timed trails. The first seven men to pound a beer were Team Shotgun, and the last seven became Team Casual Sipper.

Traditionally, the event is supposed to be played on snow, in the cold, like football should be played in January. A gridiron game waged as a statement to the heart of all true fans that any team, regardless of Super bowl status, who plays in a dome is made up of a bunch of freaking sissies.

This year’s weather brought sunshine and brisk temperatures to the field in Salt Lake City, but as the pigskin hung high after kickoff, all players still wore traditional snowboard boots and gloves. It was the second annual tailgating extravaganza for the Pros, and the emotions of game day were in the air.

The first quarter exploded with action. After a broken collarbone on the side of the Casual Sippers, Team shotgun ran a collegiate style option play in for the first score of the day. The first quarter came to a close, and a ride was lined up to take the Sipper’s star defensive linebacker and number 88, Miles Dunford, to the emergency room.

The second quarter was all about the Sippers. They showed great play calling tactics, flawless execution, and went in for the Halftime barbecue ahead 14-7.

With four or five dogs running through the field at any given moment, the second half proved as exciting as the first. Trash talking was not only allowed but encouraged, beer chugging was mandatory following turnovers, and there was the ever-present possibility of being ejected from the game for answering a ringing cell phone.

Time ran out in the fourth quarter and the score board read: Team Casual Sipper 28, Team Shotgun 21. It was a great game, and all involved went online to chat with riders about life, football, and snowboarding. The Superbowl itself finally began and so did a party at Club Bubba’s-Salt Lake City’s favorite underground bar. Much love and mad props go out to the Pabst Brewing Co. and for making the event a happen. See ya next year at the Pabst Bowl 2001.

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