Otterstrom Wins WCI Fiesta de la Pipa

After a two-day postponement due to weather, the sun was out; the pipe was cut, and the third annual Fiesta de la Pipa was on and popping. The pipe’s deck was flanked on either side with a slew of rails, wallrides, boxes, and new for this year was a serious tombstone hip at the riders left drop atop the pipe. The course was all laid out and looking sick.

The weather was perfect; blue skies, mellow wind, and sweatshirt friendly temperatures. All the big dogs were out; Peter Line, Pat Moore, Todd Richards, Jake Welch, Jake Blauvelt, Chas Guldemond, Pat The Eye, Jamie Anderson, Shayne Pospisil, JJ Johnson, Mason Aguirre, Cody Rosenthal, all the industry folk, and loads of other shred-heads. Pat Moore was killing it with handplants up on the tombstone, as was Peter Line who appeared to be gunning for the number one spot. Peter and Pat tied for third place, and split $500 in crispy Benjamin’s, of which Peter took two claiming he’d rather Pat be indebted to him, than vice versa. South Lake Tahoe’s, Jamie Anderson took it for the ladies, and rounding out first place for the fellas was Chad Otterstrom. Chad was sending textbook McTwists, and lofting massive airs consistently throughout the day, and in the end netting himself a grand total of $5,000.

All in all the whole WCI experience this year was awesome. We rode up from So Cal in the ‘luxe Quiksilver bus slaying Guitar Hero II the whole way there and back. We rode powder, and the immaculate Main Park at Mammoth. We ran up killer bar tabs, ate loads of pitas, hung out with friends, and rode out the winter in a blaze of good times. Big thanks to Bri Guy, The Dalps, J Dubs, TR-Zan, Spider Man 3, and the whole Quik crew. Big thanks to everyone who came out and killed it, and big thanks to everyone who didn’t kill it but still had fun. Thanks to all the motorboaters, and most of all big thanks to the raddest bus driver ever—Mo Daddy.