Opening Day: Park City

Opening day at Park City was the best day ever. We rode like true bats--hell bats. There were two lifts open, but anyone keeping it real sessioned the Payday lift. The run was choc full of sweet lines--ollies, bonks, taps, as well as boxes and a nice mix of park features. Park City All-Star, Aaron Biittner gets the gold star award for smooth moves galore, all day with the tranny finder. Lot’s of fools have faux sleepy style but Biitt’s is the real deal.

PCMR is currently working with a 15 base depth, and they’re blowing snow for the superpipe and also making pockets full of snow around the clock in the ever popular Pick ‘N’ Shovel park, so look out for those two soon. “Each week people can expect more and more features and jibs on the mountain.--says PCMR’s Director of Action Sports Marketing, Jim Mangan, whom I might note also rode like a true bat today. So great times on the hill today, for up an up to date snow/run/lift report log onto Boh, boh, boh! Brrraaappp!