Opening Day: Mountain High

Unless you were inter-webbing late Sunday night, you may have been unaware that Mountain high was opening Monday morning. Being that late night inter-webber, I was in the know. After a mellow, four-mile, hour and a half tour of Norco—the horse capital of the world, I hauled ass, straight to Taco Bell. Then straight to Mountain High, and it looked a lot better than expected.

The trails were lined with jibs, not rocks—word up. There were about fifteen boxes and rails, and a handful mini biker jumps and cliff drops. Everyone I’d been riding with dipped out around 3:30 or so, but I decided to get a few more laps in since I’d spent most of the day stomping pics. Good thing too—there was a fight! Ah, a perfect end to a day at High. Or so I thought, following the scuffle my phone died, the CD player in the truck stopped working, and a car flipped over on my way out—weak sauce. In any event, snowboarding is officially on in Southern California—let’s see those FB’s sucka!

Check the rest of the pics, doot!