Opening Day, Loveland Colorado

Colorado’s shred season got off to a banger of a start last Friday, October 14, when Loveland ski area officially opened it’s doors and one run to the snow hungry public. With an eighteen to thirty inch base and not a cloud all day, the conditions were amazing for those getting their first turns of the season in on Loveland’s one and only open run. By ten a.m. the parking lot was at capacity and the lift line was a solid thirty-minute wait, but nobody seemed to care as lap after lap was taken.

To add to the festivities, a rail jam was held. But it looked more like a demolition derby as about 100 riders were all gunning for the same three features for about an hour. With four or five people going for the same box at the same time, it wasn’t uncommon to see two or three riders on the same obstacle at once. T-shirts and hats galore were tossed out to anyone who made a trick or at least fell on their ass giving it a go. In the end everyone was a winner and skate decks were given to the stand out riders. In the end, everyone had a killer time whether they were riding the white ribbon of death or the rail jam—eat your hearts out non-Coloradans!

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