Opening Day At Killington

While California and Utah have been getting blanketed with tons of snow, the east coast has been having its own dump of the man made kind. Snow guns running 24/7 enabled Killington to become the first resort in the east to open for business on November 11.

Things weren’t looking good for the big K on Sunday, when temperatures in Vermont were closer to 70 than freezing, but Mother Nature decided to cooperate, cooling off on Monday and then giving the perfect opening day weather Tuesday: Blue skies and 25 degrees.

The excitement could be felt as the line grew at around 8:45 and when the lifts opened at 9, people had a choice between the K1 Gondola and the Glades Triple. Well actually, you had to take the gondola to get to the other chair, but still, two lifts on opening day at Killington and top to bottom riding is nothing to complain about.

And indeed atop Killington it felt like midwinter conditions with 8 trails and a man made blizzard cranking full speed. But the snow guns to the face didn’t dissuade the locals, who were just excited to be back on snow.

“There’s nothing better than skipping school to go snowboarding”, said Ryan Fleming a 10th grader at Woodstock Union High School.

The one good thing about the snow guns was they made every trail into a make shift snowboard park with whalebacks galore. But it wasn’t until 10:45 that things really got rolling. Snowboard Operations Supervisor Jay Rosenbaum and raking guru Mike Marusak put the finishing touches on the official early season park just as the sun started to peak through the man-made clouds.

In addition to being the only trail without constant snow making, the park featured a Hibble, which was a hip/table top, a flat rail and a box. If course, things weren’t without their glitches.”We had another rail up here yesterday but snow making buried it, I have no idea where it is”, Rosenbaum said. No one seemed to mind the other rail being missing, as its snow making pile worked as another jump at the bottom of the park.

So, After a slightly later than usual opening day, Killington will definitely be open and ready to ride from now until probably June, so get up there and shred.