Olympic Update-Straight Outta Italy

Snow conditions and infrastructure: What To Expect In Bardonecchia.

TransWorld’s Italian connect, Arturo Pavani, recently checked the scene at Bardonecchia, Italy, site of next month’s Olympic snowboarding events. Things are getting ready here in Turin and the Val di Susa, but the work isn’t over yet.

This winter has been colder than last year’s, and the snow conditions are about average for this period, meaning windy and icy snow in most of cases. In fact, it’s been snowing here for three days days, and both Val di Susa and Val d’Aosta are now full of fresh snow. It’s still snowing here, and it should continue for one or two days.

New roads and facilities have been built, and they should be fully operative for the beginning of the Games.

The best way to get to Bardonecchia is to take a train from Porta Nuova (Turin’s central station). That will get you there directly in about an hour for less than ten euros.

The atmosphere here is pretty nice, people are curious to see what will happen during the Games, and they are basically divided between those who are absolutely committed to the Olympics and those who couldn’t care less about them. I suppose this is pretty normal during such events.

The competition will be on February 12 and 13, and the glory just above those copings. See you there.

Check out this link for a live Web cam at Bardonecchia: www.eurometeo.com/italian/webcam/jump_02550