Oh, Canada! Canadians Take The Triple Crown Slopestyle.

Canadians Take The Triple Crown Slopestyle.

The brutal elements took the day off in Breckenridge Sunday afternoon leaving behind comparatively balmy conditions for the Mountain Dew Pro Nationals slopestyle finals. The late afternoon sun-in-the-eye view of the slopestyle course was a little harsh, but the big crowd at the top of the Superpipe squinted and saluted and was rewarded with some hot snowboard action.

In the end, Savier rider Guillaume Morisset beat out Wiig and Dirksen and went home 12,000 American dollars richer. Head judge Greg Johnson had the best view and said Guillaume’s winning run was big, clean, and totally stomped especially on the first three jumps. Guillaume’s switch Backside 900 off the first table put him in the lead and clean landings through the rest of the run kept him there. Johnson’s impression was that Andreas killed it with consistency on both the jumps and rails, while Dirksen impressed the judges especially with his technical moves on the rails and lower boxes.

The last time we saw Guillaume was on the first place halfpipe podium at the US Open in 2000. Oddly enough, fellow Canadian Natasza Zurek, who also won the US Open Halfpipe that year, was yesterday’s women’s Slopestyle champion. (Mammoth’s conspiracy theorists can add this to the list just after the “supposed” lunar landing).

The girls finals were plagued with reverts on the landings-a move that’ll cut points. But Natasza put together a solid run with clean landings and she won because of it. Hannah was in first place after the first round of finals but opted to skip her second run. It might have had something to do with jitters after Gretchen blew her knee out in the slopestyle course the day before. If memory serves correct, she held nothing back in her run and she was one of the few women to step up to the transfer in the upper jump section, which put her in second. Tara Dakides dropped from first in the qualifiers to third place in the finals. Her technical moves in the lower rails kept her on the podium.

Your next chance to check out some of these riders is at the Park City Grand Prix, Dec 17-20th. Check back here this weekend for updates from that event.

Men’s Slopestyle Finals:

1. Guillaume Morisset, CAN 87.3

2. Andreas Wiig, FIN 84.7

3. Josh Dirksen, USA 84.5

4. Jake Blauvelt, USA 78.

5. Danny Kass, USA 77.3

6. J.J. Thomas, USA77.2

7. Jari Tuoriniemi, FIN 75

8. Danny Davis, USA 75

9. Rahm Klampert, USA 74.7

10. Nate Sheehan, USA 74.2

11. Ryan Thompson, USA 74.2

12. Pat Moore, USA 73.8

13. Per Liken, Norway 73.7

14. Lane Knaack, USA 72

15. Erik Leines, USA 70.7

16. Drew Fuller, USA 67.2

17. Ryan Paris, USA 65.8

18. Mark Reilly, USA 65.3

19. Wyatt Caldwell, USA 65.3

20. Scotty Arnold, USA 63.2

Women’s Slopestyle Finals:

1. Natasza Zurek, CAN 77.3

2. Hannah Teter, USA 75.5

3. Tara Dakides, USA 74.3

4. Jessica Dalpiaz, USA 72.2

5. Kelly Clark, USA 70.8

6. Cheryl Maas, Netherlands 70.3

7. Leanne Pelosi, CAN 68.3

8. Priscilla Levac, CAN 67.8

9. Vicci Miller, UK 65.2

10. Laura Hadar, USA 59.7