Interning at TransWorld Snowboarding is a pretty thankless job.

As it should be, the interns are damn lucky to be working for free for us. Do you know what a foot in the door is worth in this industry?

Anyway…we’d like to recognize our most recent indentured servant, Ms. Tanya Schmid. She came all the way from Vermont to intern and did an entirely decent job while here. Tanya brought a special brand of youthful zeal to the TransWorld offices and wasn’t at all affected by the overtly “over-it” editorial staff. If anything she proved her skin is as thick as her dreadylocks. She also showed that she could shred that board!.

Here’s proof:

That’s a backside 50-50 on a rail some girls who get paid to ride wouldn’t step to.

Thanks for all your “hard” work Tanya. You can come back and work for free anytime.

If you’re good for nothing and willing to work for less than that, you could be our next intern. Email applications to