Oakley Revtour Goggle Clinic

Oakley headquarters in Foothill Ranch, California played host last night to the pinnacle stop on it’s Revolution Goggle Clinic Tour. Myself and a handful of TWS representers made the trek up there for food, drinks, a performance by Trouble Andrew, and quality hangtime with lots of friends. But mostly we headed up there to session the famed “Goggle Bar” and create our very own signature goggles.

We got the VIP line hop and got to go second round on the Goggle Bar--first round went to Oakley riders JP Walker and Danny Kass, creator of the nights favorite drink, the aptly named the Dantini. The goggle bar is more of a buffet really, but unless you’re Danbo or JP you only get one trip through so you really gotta make it happen. First you choose your frame, you got A Frames and Crowbars, each offered up in a rainbow of colorways. For the Crowbar’s you even get to go as far as customizing out the little flair pieces oneither side one at a time. Then you choose from a slew of different straps, and then different lens options--the possibilities are endless. Well they’re not really endless but they’re are a S-load of them.

After we’d properly quenched our thirsts at the Goggle Bar it was off to the “Other Bar”--what the other bar lacked in goggles it more than made up for in adult-style beverages. After a sweet demonstration in Oakley’s full-size theater about optics and impact resistance (you can fully shoot these goggles right in the lens with a BB gun or stab them with a metal spike and they totally won’t break) the night slowly faded away. Big thanks to Chris, Matty, Liam and everyone else at Oakley for having us up and putting on a sweet event.

Photo gallery llinked on the left.