Oakley And Meyen Win Slopestyle At Northstar Triple Crown

Northstar-at-Tahoe, CA (March 6, 2004)

Park City loc George Oakley and Bend, Oregon’s Janna Meyen each finished on top in the third and final stop of the Vans Tripe Crown, held under bluebird skies at Northstar in Truckee, California.

After a storm dumped up to 50 inches of fresh snow in Tahoe the previous week, there was no doubt that snow conditions would be epic. The park and pipe looked to have perfect form, and Mother Nature didn’t fail in providing the competition with sufficient sunlight.

Coming out of the gates on his first run, it was clear that Mr. George Oakley was in it to win it. Technical rail variations and a huge, stylish backside rodeo gave George a first run score of 91.0, which stood tall throughout the rest of the competition. His reward, 12,000 dollars. Not bad for a day’s work. Pat Moore represented his sponsors and hometown well, scoring an 89.7 on his second run and bringing home 8,000 big ones. Danny Kass, who held second place in overall VTC points launched unreal corked tricks and spun into and out of more than a couple rails, landing him in third place.

Janna Meyen totally looked to be above and beyond the rest of the field as she handed the crowd their fair share of 720s followed by variations on the jib features. Izumi Amaike’s clean 360s and 270 on the step-up box was enough for second place, while Natazsa Zurek followed in third with clean 360s and smooth frontsides on the boxes.

Slopestyle Results


1. George Oakley (Aspen, CO) 91.0 $12,000

2. Pat Moore (Water Valley, NH) 89.7 $8,000

3. Danny Kass (Vernon, NJ) 86.7 $5,000


1. Janna Meyen (Bend, OR) 88.3 $8,000

2. Izumi Amaike (Yokohama, JPN) $5,000

3. Natasza, Zurek (Vancouver, BC) $2,250