not bad! february update

Scoping the lines…….

This season has gone by way too fast, so we’re going to take you back in time to recap the previous months. February was constantly back & forth between jibbing & jumping, making it one of the most productive yet hectic months of the year. We kicked it off with the last SIA tradeshow that Vegas would ever see, followed by the first time the backcountry was safe/stable & deep enough to get to the good spots. After this, it was back in the air again to the east where we drove a loop around Lake Erie, which was hands down the most successful rail trip we had ever taken. Cam Pierce, Derek Dennison, Gulli Gudmondsson, & Trevor Rhoda made up this crew that logged 6 minutes of A-footage from 8 spots/8days of shooting. Not bad! Rain melted the 2 feet of snow everywhere in the midwest/eastern region within 36 hours so it was time to head back to Utah straight to the pow. Knut Eliassen had just made it across the Atlantic from Norway & started stacking immediately. His part was coming together real quick & he has kept his momentum going for a solid two months now. The fresh stuff lasted about a week or so before it was pretty baked & as hot as 67 down in Salt Lake, Gulli logged a few more shots before heading back to Iceland, & we were given a nice little preview of the spring to come. Lot of sunny slushy days up at Park City & Brighton were had, then winter showed its face again.