Northstar Dew Tour Slopestyle Gallery

The Tahoe basin always seems to get lucky with good weather whenever big events roll through.  Maybe reverse cloud seeding come contest day? It all went down under the last glimpse of bluebird skies with a slopestyle course that sent riders plunging into each feature at Northstar-at-Tahoe though. Weather aside, the crowds were gathered and the mountain was thick with Dew Tour festivities.

Spencer O’Brien came into the slopestyle finals pre-qualified and somewhat sparred from the heated prelims the day before. Her first and second place finishes in Breckenridge and Mount Snow made her the overall points leader coming into the final event, but with heaps of loot at stake and the first Winter Dew Cup to be handed out--all the ladies were throwing it down.

Women's snowboarding legend Janna Meyen-Weatherby's combos of fives and sevens straight dominated the jump scene and left many wondering why she didn't land the top spot on the podium.  Judging was split 50/50 between jumps and jibs though, and even though she linked some clean spins on the jumps it wasn't enough to make up for her mellower rail sections.  It was badass to see Janna out killing it with the younger competition though.

Jamie Anderson laid down some of the smoothest runs of the day though. Clean cab fives and switch back fives with effortless style combined with switch jib combos set the bar pretty high. Even Chanelle Sladics with her sevens couldn't quite crack that top score. Spencer O'Brien on the other hand got pretty close and all she needed was a second place to seal the Dew Cup. Even though Jamie snagged a first place, Spencer racked up just enough points with her second place finish to take the overall cup.

For the dudes on the Dew Tour things shifted up a bunch after Friday's prelims. Top qualifiers and Norwegian shreds Andreas Wiig and Daniel Ek scrubbed the landings on both of their runs leaving ample room on the podium. Local Brandon Cocard had nothing but smiles during the whole competition and took a slice of the competition home for Tahoe. Tyler Flanagan more than held it down for the under-eighteen crowd. Kid straight killed it amongst the world's top pros dropping some clean tens with a little double cork flavor.

Pre-qualified Dew Tourers Mikkel Bang, Torstein Horgmo and Shaun White were let loose on the rest of the competition picking up top spots left and right though.  Torstein's insane runs of 270 to front boards, front tens, boardslide 450s out, back nines and signature switch back twelves placed him up on the top shelf with no ladder in sight. Such a technical run flowing with style from start to finish was unmatched in the competition. Dan Brisse, Shaun White, and even Chas Guldemond couldn't quite scale the top and ended up rounding out the top four spots. First going to Torstein, second to White and third to Guldemond. Even though he didn't have a top notch run, Mikkel Bang still snagged third place in the overall cup. Torstein took home second overall while Shaun White snagged the slopestyle cup. Check back for the tour finale and the superpipe finals soon.

1st - Jamie Anderson - 87.50
2nd - Spencer O'Brien - 87.17
3rd - Janna Meyen-Weatherby - 81.50
4th - Chanelle Sladics - 76.17
5th - Torah Bright - 69.00
6th - Christina Curry - 56.50


1st - Torstein Horgmo - 93.50
2nd - Shaun White - 89.67
3rd - ChasGuldemond - 88.00
4th - Dan Brisse - 78.33
5th - Brandon Cocard - 77.67
6th - Brandon Reis - 74.50
7th - Tyler Flanagan - 73.67
8th - Scotty Lago - 70.33
9th - Mikkel Bang - 65.50
10th - Nick Poohachoff - 63.17
11th - Daniel Ek - 51.00
12th - Andreas Wiig - 43.83

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