Nope Premiere Rocks Ohio

People embarked on Kent, Ohio from as far away as California for the biggest snowboard event the state has seen in recent history, the premiere of Hardwire Productions video, Nope on October 2nd. Yes, Ohio. After all, that is where the video was made.

Over 400 people showed up to the Kent Stage including Corey Smith, Blaise Rosenthal and Jake Devine and one pro rollerblader. The pros were on hand to sign posters and increase the stoke level, not a terribly difficult feat in a state where most snowboarding is done on jumps made of hay bails.”It’s probably the most amazing event that’s gone down in Ohio, said Hardwire co-owner Matt Porter. “Just the sheer excitement and vibe from kids reacting to actual pros in Ohio. It really united the whole snowboard scene here.

After opening acts Illicit Media’s Human Doing and Neoproto’s Everyday Something, the main attraction, Nope, showcased Ohio’s finest including Doug Radefeld, Brendan Hayes and the Porter brothers (Matt and Adam, who also made the movie.) Luckily for Ohio jibbing caught on a few years back, as the video featured more boarding than snow, but the editing, music and creativity made up for what it lacked in pow lines.

If the kids weren’t stoked out by the pros and the video, the stack of free stuff that was given out sealed the deal. Pretty much everyone who entered the raffle left with something. And of course the free Red Bull didn’t hurt either.

After the movies, the party moved over to Thursday’s Lounge in downtown Akron, where free drinks were flowing thanks to The Kilted Yak and shop guy extraordinaire Chip Bleakney’s wallet. Swarms of emo kids, industry reps and a ghettofied Jake Devine kept the party going into the wee hours of the night.

Now that real pro snowboarders have seen what Ohio has to offer to the jib scene, there’s a good chance the Buckeye State may appear in even more videos next year. From what I’ve heard, Ohio is the new Buffalo.