Nomis “A Day In The Life”

The first annual Nomis “A Day In The Life shop appreciation trip went off in a big way and everyone involved agreed it must become an annual event. Nomis gave away a four day all expense paid trip to a shop for a week long photo shoot and chilling session.

The rental car rolled into “The Block Hotel in Big Bear California, packed to the brim. It’s occupants included Nomis team riders Joey Sexton, Chad Holmes, and Derek Dennison, being guided by Steve Rose; along with John Paul Pardy, and Keaton Pearson from the winning store, Board Paradise out of North Carolina.

Unlikely weather consisting of pouring rain, blizzard like snow, dense fog, and select minutes of sunshine sums up the first three days of the trip. The final day turned out to be the typical warm bluebird spring riding conditions we had headed to So Cal for, and the features at Big Bear didn’t let us down. Other than riding the sick park, our crew went on late night rail mission and an evening half pipe photo shoot. The lack of sleep however did not slow anyone down or keep them from smiling, laughing, and high fiving.

All in all, the trip was a huge success. A couple few big thanks go out to: John and Keaton from Board Paradise, Liko, Rich, Savanah, and the peeps at The Block, Justin Meyer and Paul Amyot for all the filming and photography, Johnny Miller for showing us some “spots, and last but not least Kim, Marty, Clayton and the rest of the staff and park crew at Big Bear--you guys are sick!