Thayne and Travis, along with Louie and Joey Fountain had started in Moscow, Idaho and pedaled their Bike Car almost 700 miles to Mount Hood. The weather had been treating them pretty well until they arrived on Mount Hood, where they were promptly dusted with a healthy helping of heavy Oregon spring powder. Conditions were great for snowboarding, and poor for pedaling a four-person pedal powered car.

The Bike Car movie crew was stranded at Meadows, where they were–in typical high budget snowboard movie form–crashing out on the kitchen floor of someone’s office space. As cabin fever set in, Thayne and Travis decided to escape around the side of the mountain in search of some alternative accommodations. Namely to a geodesic dome that my brother Kyler and I had erected on the top of Tom Dick Peak, just above the top of Mount Hood Ski Bowl.

This dome is actually the same structure that housed Airblaster at the SIA trade show, and the same dome that High Cascade Snowboard Camp set up at Nationals. It is a 12 by 18 foot geodesic dome made by a company called Nomadospheres. It is basically a portable log cabin without the logs. Well, also it’s also not at all cabin shaped, but more space…ship…shaped.

Anyway, Thayne and Travis had made their way from the stranded Bike Car over to Government Camp. After a nice calorie filled dinner at Charlie’s Mountain View, we headed up to Ski Bowl to shred some night powder under the lights.At the end of the session, we caught last chair up, cruised over to the dome, sparked up our heater, and snuggled into our sleeping bags for a night on top of the mountain. Needless to say we should have bought a bigger heater, but that’s what friends are for after all. A little man warmth goes a long way.

In the morning, we were greeted with more fresh snow and some typical Oregon sunshiny fog. We whipped up a gourmet breakfast of coffee and cheddar filled sausage and eggs, and hit the slopes to thrash up some powder snow. All in all, it was a pretty sweet time.