I never worried about Marco Frank when Sims began to unravel. Many talented pro’s are sponsorless today, but MFM is on another playing field. Year after year he’s gained momentum—more coverage, popularity, and of course, even more cash. As one of the sports top product pushers the question was simply, “Where would Montoya choose to go?

1. I know you had options player. Why Nitro?
I did Nitro ’cause I’ve been talkin’ to Tonino (Nitro Team Manager) for a couple years now and I know that they’re solid as fuck. I think it’s the best shit out right now and I want to be down with real snowboarding companies always. I’ve seen how solid all the Nitro people are and how much they really care about snowboarding and the riders and all that. They’re for REAL. I’m finally happy!

2. Tell me about your pro-model board graphic?
My cross around my neck keeps me safe—and skateboarding and snowboarding saved my life … so I wanted to say somethin’ about it. I just love crosses too, shit!

3. How quick like did you guys get that graphic handled in time for the tradeshow?
It was too damn crazy—we got the whole board handled in two weeks. We went back and forth on the graphics for four or five days, and then my pro model was there at the trade show the next week. That’s how ill they got it.

4. Besides you, who is real badass on the Nitro team? Every mothafucker on there is a bomb-ass rider. They’re all different and all dope. Tonino’s been killin’ it team wise for the last couple years.

5. Are you a millionaire now?
Not even close! I’m broke as hell right now. I keep myself broke though. I don’t need money right now, except to invest in my lil’ things goin’ on!