Going to L.A. to watch thirty men and five women snowboarding is always exciting. Actually no, it’s not because this never happens. Nine Star threw this intense gathering with major sponsor funding: Burton, Mt. High, The Block, and Red Bull. The Dingo emceed. I think people liked his voice because he said things like, “Johnny Miller … ooohhhhhh … Front Blunt 270, switch tail … No Big Deal! He was also claiming how Laurie Currie was stomping tricks left and right, but she wasn’t as appealing to the judges as Desiree Melancon—who took first in the women’s event.

Capturing most of the moments for prosperity was an unknown photographer from Tweak It Magazine. He was so into the action he actually got hit because he was too close. The Men’s event was heated, but no one could take down Curtis Hill. For his efforts, Curtis was iced down with $1000 and a two night stay at the Block in Big Bear. The night needed tempo and smoothness and the thing that establishes that best is music. Live music is smooth, and Strung Out and Good Riddance represented sounds. After the night was done, we reflected upon it, and we all agreed that it was smooth.