Looks like a lot of you look a lot like Nima. He’s gotta be hyped. I mean, how many of us can claim to have armies of wanna-be’s running around? Well, Nima’s definitely got a dedicated following of followers. But, this is a contest and there’s only one winner, and this go round it’s this dude.

Look at the resemblance…

So if this is you, email liam.gallagher@transworld.net to collect your kit. And just a reminder about what you’ll be winning….

Thanks to Nima’s sponsors you’ll be taking home….

Hats from Elm Company
Streetwear from Comune
Flux Bindings
Nima’s Promodel Artec board
L1 Nima Jalali outerwear
Inno Box

And thanks to all who entered…better luck next time..and stay tuned for the next giveaway here on twsnow.com.