Snowboarders shred the rad, and rad shredders make the best judges: Robbie Sell, Curtis Woodman, Nima Jalali, Ahmon Stamps and Corey Smith, among those to judge this Saturday’s Nikita Chickita Snowdown, at Northstar at Tahoe.

April 16th will be a day to remember for all those invited to and attending the first ever Nikita Chickita Snowdown. From park staff, to DJ’s, BBQers to judges, the Snowdown will be a day run by and organized for snowboarders.

“We’re so happy to have all of our friends helping to make this event happen. Thanks to Northstar, the girls attending are going to have an amazing course to ride, and everyone is down to come support the ladies, say’s Nikita’s owner and designer, Heida Birgisdottir, who will be attending the event from her home in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Riders will have a park filled with special features, including a tree-jip, triple line, quarter-pipe and a slew of jibs, which will allow girls to put together runs as standard or creative as they wish. Judges will consider overall difficulty, style and impression and will award riders first through 10th place. Best line wins. In addition to complete lines, riders will have a one hour jam session to throw down Best Trick, Best Hand-Plant, Best Vintage Resurrection, etc.

Hashing out who gets their share of the $10,000 and one of 4 trips to Iceland is a tough task, reserved only for the bravest, but rest assured the judges are prepared. “I’m gonna keep it fair,” say’s NeoProto’s Nima Jalali, “the best bird wins.”

If you would like more information on the Nikita Chickita Snowdown, please contact Jessie Cohen: 530-550-2460 x4,