Sat Feb 20, 2010

This weekend the Nike 6.0 Greatest Hits Park at Mt. Seymour went off! Perfect bluebird conditions brought out a big crowd, turning the Mystery Chair into the best seat in the house overlooking all the action. Everyone was out to soak up the sun, eat some BBQ, and watch the locals put on a clinic in the park. Once DJ Ricky Mars got the beats going and Sean Keating was on the mic, the party was on.

The Mt. Seymour park crew killed it creating the perfect progressive line of hits and a complex of legendary features. From the drop in to the last rail, the flow of features had so many options with a top booter, down rail, two kinks, and a picnic table for pressing. The world-class features under the chair truly brought raw urban riding to the mountain with the intimidating Red Ledge, an electrical box [that can be hit as a step up or down], and the one and only Burlington Double Set.

Between the three shop crews and Vancouver and Whistler locals, 200+ riders came out to rip and see some big-name halfpipe riders who happened to be in town and dropped by. Under the sunny sky, kids were contemplating their line, eyeing their drop and going for it. Keating on the mic was calling out best tricks and rewarding them heavily with swag and fresh kicks.

The soft landing on the booter allowed everyone to go big all afternoon. Sevens were on the menu as Marie-Andrée Racine killed it with a front seven, Ryan Patterson with a cork back seven, 6.0 team rider Harrison Gray dropped a front seven tail, and skier Todd Loukras dropped a switch seven.
From board slides to gaps and presses, the level of riding stepped up with the rails being hit hard and left shaking. On the downrail, Matt Heneghan left his mark with a back 180-switch nose press-180 out. Another standout, who we nicknamed 'big outerwear’ added a front blunt 270 out. On the kinks Petter Cavallin gapped to back lip with Dan Stubbs immediately following with a gap to front board. Skier, Todd Loukras, added a natural slide 270 on the down flat down.
The first of the legendary hits to be sessioned was the electrical box that was installed after winning a vote through the local shops. Set off to the side, the feature could be hit from all angles. Pat Begley killed it with a step up back 180. The Red Ledge was hit hard again this weekend with more bangers going down. Corey “Bleeker” McIntosh built on his experience from the first Greatest Hits Park jam and his nose press was a solid stand out.

With all the anticipation building up to the end, the best was saved for last. The Burlington Double Set was revealed and every part of the feature was hit from the down flat down, toe jam and flat rail to closeout. Standouts included Dan Stubbs with a toe jam and gap to toe jam, Aaron Santos’s gap to back lip on the down flat down, and Jeff Keatley laid down a 50/50 on flat bar to back 180 drop. On skis Spencer Watson hit every rail possible and Andrew Skineghan’s flat bar early out to stairs ended the day in style.

Huge props to the crew who spent countless hours and made it all happen: Mt. Seymour Park Crew and entire resort staff, Tyler Nichol [the man behind the cat ], Darrin and the crew at Snowpark Solutions,
Dano and Geoff behind the lens and last but not least David, Jeff, and Damon shooting video.

The season is nowhere near over. The park is open so make sure to get out to Mt. Seymour and leave your tracks in the 6.0 Greatest Hits Park this winter.