Night Of The Living Shred!

Grenade’s new piece de resistance premiered at the Hard Rock in San Diego in front of all the Jersey/Mammoth boys and a couple hundred shred-industry Grenade supporters. Around 11:30 p.m., the crowd was let loose on an open bar with drinks so stiff they sunk your head into a soupy whirlpool. Then, in the grand tradition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the B-movie slasher/snowboard film known as Night Of The Living Shred took to the screen promptly at midnight … and not one second before.Admittedly it was pretty hard to see the screen, what with the mosh pit up front fueled by Volcom’s Billy Anderson and all the flying drinks and raised arms, but what I could reckon from four rows back was that the movie really kicked some ass. The Soldiers Of The Frozen Battlefield crew made it out of Mammoth this year and NOTLS has the epic backcountry footage and tricks off natural features to prove it. Brian Iguchi had a surprise standout part filled with Jackson Hole powder kickers and cliff lines. Plus, Colin Langlois Danny Kass, Travis Rice, Zach Leach, Lane Knaack–all the usual suspects filled out the movie with their own versions of tech, freestyle, jib, and personality. In conclusion, I must say that the Night Of The Living Dead knock-off skits were off the hook, thanks in large part to the zombie acting of one Mr. Dave Schiff … that guy rules. Check out the movie and see for yourself.