Spencer O'Brien slaps a wallride and takes third place in this year’s New Zealand Open. Photos: Pablo Azocar

With shredding reaching the heights of a full-fledged global epidemic, there’s always something going down somewhere and right now it's the South Pacific. The Burton New Zealand Open Slopestyle Finals sent riders soaring threw the misty, wind-shaven battlefield of Snow Park, New Zealand as they vied for crucial contest points and a crack at some fresh bills. Check the slew of photos below and for a full wrap up click here.

Charles Reid flexin’ the nose of this rail beast.

Charles Reid grabbing a spin that landed him second place.

Flat light and bright colors at the top of the slopestyle course.

Chas Guldemond tail bonking this new tank with a backside 180 out.

Luke Mitrani and Mikkel Bang watching Chas Guldemond’s final run.

You can recognize Chas's style anywhere, even in flat light.

Eric Willett smoothed this bag lady out with a back 180 and took home the fourth place spot.

Nothing like being a local. James Hamilton Support Crew, represent!

Setting a new standard, Jaime Anderson frontside 180 nose tapper over the tank.

Who cares about bad visibility? Clearly not Jamie Anderson with her cab five. Check the snow aura.

Really strong winds forced a couple hour closure of the slopestyle course on day two.

Tim Humphreys style-spinning into the fifth place spot.

The Burton Crew at SnowPark, New Zealand: Mikkel Bang, Keegan Valaika, Luke Mitrani, and sunglassed hoodlum.

Mikkel Bang starting things off with a cab seven on the slopestyle course.

The water tank was definitely a favorite feature. Mikkel Bang with a backside 180 tail bonk.

Charles Reid, Mikkel Bang, and Chas Guldemond clearing out the bank.