Daisuke Murakami showing why he won highest air at the previous night’s quarter pipe jam with this flexy method. Photos: Pablo Azocar

U-tube ninjas went slicing and dicing the 2008 Burton New Zealand Open Halfpipe contest with unmatched air and style. The pipe was spared from the lurking flat light and sat just atop the clouds allowing riders to send it up there with a crisp view. Get down on the photos below and for more coverage of the South Pacific slaying and a full write-up check out these: Anderson and Kukubo Take Burton NZ Open Halfpipe Crowns and New Zealand Open 2008, Slopestyle Coverage.

Previous night’s best trick winner, Fumiyuki Murakami from Japan, getting some air just before the clouds rolled into Snow Park, New Zealand.

The clouds + the mountains + Snow Park + the Halfpipe = Burton NZ Open 2008. Math is important; stay in school kids!

Top ranked NZ male, James Hamilton (eighth), waits for his turn while Ben Stewart gets some coaching.

Jamie Anderson dropping in on her winning run.

Qualifying in the eighth position as she headed into the finals, Jamie Anderson sends a solid last run and takes home another victory for the USA on her New Zealand tour.

Canadian Josh Duncan traveling down the road to the finals.

The sun came out and Kazuhiro Kokubo displayed his samurai skills on the way to the podium.

Kelly Clark wasn't feeling the halfpipe, but she still blasted some of the largest airs in the women’s (and men’s) competition.

Jiayu Liu (third place), Jamie Anderson (first place), and Kelly Clark (third place). Some were stoked, some were happy, others looked on…

The Japanese crew was flying higher and spinning faster, just like Kosuke Hosokawa.

Markus Malin from Finland did it all, but it wasn't enough to take first place away from Kazuhiro Kokubo.

Flying high is just enough to secure fifth place for Ryo Aono from Japan.

Maybe its not gold, but Ryo Aono likes the taste of some fresh cash.

Winners and survivors of the HalfPipe war at Snow Park NZ. Second place finisher Markus Malin, first place champ Kazuhiro Kokubo, and third place’s Daisuke Murakami.